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Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain – RACIB

To contribute the spread and deep integration of the blockchain technologies into the country’s economy.


Russia association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RACIB) was founded to promote the dissemination and integration of blockchain technology in the national economy. Its coordinate the activities of the blockchain, maintain the representativeness and security of property rights, and develop and implement synergistic activity complexes related to the promotion of relevant blockchain technologies and services in the Russian Federation and abroad.

Russia association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RACIB) will also considerate on the future of network intelligence technology. The russia association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RACIB) believes that blockchain technology is a key in the transition from the traditional financial industry to the smart network finance industry. This going to be a great transformation of scientific and technological after Industrial Revolution. In the foreseeable time, the ultimate birth of intelligent online finance will surpass humanity.


RCB Introduction

World Initiate RCB—SD#M

SD#M is a new security encryption digital currency network security algorithm. While trying to solve the problems of Bitcoin's traditional POW and POS, it can also offset the negative effects of centralization by implementing a technology-based democracy. R-Nanoe developed by RCB-SD#M technology is an independent third-party trading platform. It provides a simple and secure online trading service for online transactions through the “third-party secured transaction model”.

R-Nanoe is a trading platform that uses user credit as a guarantee to perform credit guarantee functions in online transactions. R-Nanoe participates in the entire transaction process of both parties with third parties other than both sides, and at the same time provides credibility support for both parties to ensure the safety of funds in transactions. This transaction model compensates for the inadequacies of the e-commerce system, such as the security of transactions cannot be guaranteed. After continuous development and improvement, the growth of SD#M will become the leading encryption digital currency technology in the currency industry.

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SD#M Blockchain-based architecture model

Security Control

Blockchain needs to design its privacy and authority model at platform’s security. Just as people in the real world needs certain privacy and anonymity, there’s also needs in blockchain virtual worlds to provide corresponding privacy protection to users.

Towards public chain, the sake of network security, it is often necessary for the transaction-independent party to verify the transaction content. The user identity information must be isolated from the user's transaction information so that the user's identity is protected. Even using zero-knowledge proof, the zkSNARK algorithm only provides one to the verifier.

Without exposing the proof of the content of the transaction, the verifier can complete it and achieve absolute concealment of the transaction status.

SD#M Blockchain-based architecture model

Chain Consensus

The consensus mechanism is the cornerstone of building blockchain trust. Different types of blockchains may choose different consensus algorithms or use a combination of consensus algorithms for different considerations.

The content of the consensus includes the standardization of the books (how to organize the block, organize the transaction chain), the result of the deterministic execution of the transaction, the uniqueness of the transaction, the completeness of the transaction order, and other information that guarantees the safe and stable operation of the network (Such as data availability).

SD#M Blockchain-based architecture model

Chain Service Management

One of the important capabilities of blockchain platform services is the efficient and reliable management services on the chain. The ordinary and stable operation of all blockchain service contracts depends on these registered chain services.

The importance of management chain services needs to comply with the blockchain governance system and governance process rules. Chain services include several types: contract flow management, contract service management, chain technology service management, and Oracle service management.

Meet The Team

Executive team

The RCB Team combines a passion for esports, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Ivan Arzhantsev
CEO & Lead Of RCB
Adam Coates
Jana Eggers
Surova Nadezhda


Alexander Yagovdik
Sergey Tolmachev
Dmitry Voronov
Valery Aligorsky

Road Map

Future Sechule Of RCB 2018-2020

July 2018
RCB Coin
  • Official launch of RCB Coin
September 2018
RCB wallet
  • Launch of RCB wallet
  • up to 30 mainstreams currencies
October 2018
  • Official launch of SD#M
Mid October 2018
RCB Exchange Platform
  • Launch of RCB Exchange Platform
November 2018
RCB wallet upgrade
  • up to 100 mainstreams currencies
June 2019
SD#M upgrade to master SD#M
  • Global unified payment systems
December 2019
R-NANOE wallet implementation
January 2020
payment system application
  • Activate payment system application
R-NANOE Wallet

The R-NANOE wallet was created to serve the future "encrypted digital economic society."

Digital Economic Society = Digital Assets + Digital Identity + Digital Social.

  • Based on long-term technical reserves and market operation experience, we hope to use R-Nanoe wallet to aggregate a series of behaviors such as payment, transfer, exchange, and asset appreciation in one application, to connect all digital assets in series, and to protect investors with one-stop service. Security, privacy, and other aspects of assets, transactions, and identities.
  • R-Nanoe Wallet combines blockchain, mobile internet, and biometrics to provide revolutionary distributed digital financial services to people around the world. Regardless of background, location and economic situation, it can be added to the digital asset network. Series of R-Nanoe wallet’s product will able to help those developing countries to build a new generation of financial infrastructure in the future.
  • RCB Wallet
  • R-Nanoe Wallet

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